2024 Admissions Open

Faculty Members

S.No Name of the faculty Qualification Designation Photo
1Prof. Dr. D.Gopal B.Com., M.L., Ph.D.(Law), M.B.ADean - Law Dean Law
2Dr. Bharti Sharma B.Com.,LL.B.,LL.M.,Ph.DHOD,Associate Professor Dean Law
3Mr. R. SivakumarB.LLegal Consultant Dean Law
4DR.S.SelvarasuM.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., M.B.A., Ph.D., M.A., SLETProfessor Law
5Dr.D.S.SelvakumarM.Com.,MBA.,M.Phil.,B.L.,M.L.,Ph.DProfessor Law
6Dr.N.Vijay M.A., M.B.A., Ph.DAssociate Professor Law
7Dr.M.RajalakshmiM.A., M.Phil., PGDELT., M.A., SET., Ph.DAssociate Professor Law
8Dr R.RamamoorthyB.Sc.,M.B.A.,Ph.DAssistant Professor Law
9Mrs.Seena B NairB.Sc., M.L., PGDEL., (Ph.D.,)Assistant Professor Law
10Mrs.V.Nalini DeviM.L., (Ph.D.,) Assistant Professor Law
11Mr.J.Lalith KumarM.A., M.L., (Ph.D)Assistant Professor Law
12Ms.Divya.JLL.MAssistant Professor Law
13Mrs.C.SugunaM.A, B.E.d, M.phil,PGDCM,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor Law
14Mr.N.RamanthanM.L, FCS, CWAAssistant Professor Law
15MR.Nareshkumar.NN.E.T,MSW, PGD HRM,PGD Criminalogy and Forensic Science, (LL.B)Assistant Professor Law
16Mrs.E.RaniB.B.A., B.L, M.LAssistant Professor Law
17Ms.R.AishwaryaBA B.L, LL.MAssistant Professor Law
18Mr.K.Shree BalajiBISM., MBA.,DLL.,Mphil.,(PhD)Assistant Professor Law
19Ms.R.AarthiB.A.,LL.B., LL.MAssistant Professor Law
20Ms.R.RajakumariB.A.,LL.B., LL.MAssistant Professor Law
21Ms.R.DivyaB.L.,LL.MAssistant Professor Law
22Mrs.J.Joice JegadeswariBCA.,LL.MAssistant Professor Law
23Mrs.R.Kani MalarB.SC.,LL.B(Hons)., LL.MAssistant Professor Law
24Mrs.VinithaB.A, LL.B, LL.M Assistant Professor Law
25Mrs.V.Anitha ReichelB.A.,M.A.,M.PhilAssistant Professor Law
26Mrs.Jehibha.NB.A.,LL.B., LL.MAssistant Professor Law
27Ms.Liji Shamilin V SB.A.,LL.B., LL.MAssistant Professor Law
28Ms.Lavanya SB.A.,LL.B., LL.MAssistant Professor Law
29Mr.R.VijayakumarB.A.,LL.B., LL.MAssistant Professor Law
30Naveen J.VB.A.,LL.B., LL.M, NETAssistant Professor Law

About Bharath Institute of LAW

Welcome to Bharath Institute of LAW. The primary objective of the Bharath Institute of Law is to evolve and impart the quality legal education. Recent evidence has demonstrated the continuing need for clinical legal education and the universities have to a serious and proactive stance to this form of pedagogic instruction. So on the wake of this scenario, our respected Dean Prof(Dr).A.Raghunadha Reddy, a visionary with practical insight made this law school to impart clinical legal education which class room based education fails. So this is a small step to enshrine the philosophy of legal education along with ethical values.

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